All content gurus will tell you that your content should be about things your ideal audience cares about and something they can relate to.

You can find out the former by listening on social media, asking them, or watching to see which of your posts receive the most interaction or shares.

But how do you know if it’s relatable?

Thankfully…it’s easy. Just follow these quick 15 rules.

The 15 Golden Rules for Creating Relatable Content

  1. Talk (and write) in a language and vernacular that resonates. They need to see/hear themselves in the way you talk and write.
  2. Create content that entertains, educates, and/or inspires.
  3. Share your why behind why you do what you do.
  4. Share stories about yourself, including things about your day, questions you have, things you like, etc. Personal is good when creating relatable content.
  5. Use lots of images.
  6. Address issues they’re likely concerned with.
  7. Explain why that matters. Whatever you’re sharing, explain the added benefit behind it. People don’t want to put the pieces together on their own.
  8. Everything you create should make your audience feel something.
  9. Do unto other’s content as you would want done unto yours.
  10. Respect everyone who reacts to your content. Scratch that. Respect everyone.
  11. Be helpful.
  12. Give specific examples, even better if they’re from personal experience.
  13. Don’t be jealous when someone else’s content goes viral. If you share the same type of audience, use it to learn something as you try to discover what it had that appealed to that large number of people.
  14. Your content should never be interruptive. Disruptive, and thought-provoking is good. Interruptive and annoying is not.
  15. Use commonalities. In political circles, they’re referred to as the “mom and apple pie” topics. These are things you know most people will agree with and enjoy.

That’s a lot to remember but it’s really quite easy and can be summed up in the abbreviated form: give them what they want and do it authentically.

Author: Diksha