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By now you probably know pictures are great conversation starters and receive a lot of shares. They are a great marketing tool for your business. But there are some business selfies that get better traction than others. Here’s our list.

business selfie ideas

Selfies are no longer the domain of duck-faced teenaged girls. (Remember that trend?) They’re popular for adults and businesses too.

Selfies are a way of showing customers and potential customers a “behind the scenes” look at your business. They also are an effective way of telling your business story. The thing that is ideal about selfies is that they don’t have any marketing flash. They don’t look staged, and thus, they are believable.

Those are the types of things people connect with.

In addition to selfies, photo bombs can be lots of fun as they are extremely shareable content. Photo bombs start off as portraits, similar to selfies, but the person in the foreground is upstaged by what’s going on behind him/her. 

Here are 5 types of selfies/photo bombs you should take for your business and post to your social streams:  

Depict Your Business History 

Take a selfie of the business owner in front of something historic about the business or the year it opened. Good ideas include standing in front of an old picture of the business from way back when, standing in front of a former owner’s portrait, or the first dollar made in the business.

If you founded the business yourself, recreate a picture of you taken when you first opened and display them side by side. 

image ideas for business

Show What Makes You Unique (and the same) 

This picture is all about showcasing your personality but remember it is for business as well. Try taking a shot in front of a favorite collection or hobby, a picture of you in your favorite spot in town, or you enjoying your favorite meal.  

When you post it ask a question of your audience, so while it appears to be about you, you are opening it up to a greater connection with them. Have fun with it. For example, taking a picture of you in the morning with your coffee/favorite mug. The caption could read, “You should’ve seen me before I had my first cup. Who needs a cup of coffee first thing?” 

Post  You and Your Right Hand 

Not literally.  

This selfie is a picture of you and the person (or people) who helps you beyond measure. It could be someone who works for you, or a vendor partner, your entire team, or your best customer. The point of this selfie is anything but self-serving. Show some appreciation on a grand level. Mention how thankful you are for that person in the post and tell your audience why they are so special. 

Answer the Most Common Question Asked of Your Business 

This selfie is a unique way of answering the most commonly-asked question you hear in your business. For instance, if you are always asked your hours take a picture of yourself Vanna White style showcasing your open sign and listing your hours. Make it funny and you’re more apt to see shares. 

Show the Busy-ness 

This idea is more of a photo bomb than a selfie but sneak up on your employees hard at work, or sneak into a meeting and take a picture of yourself with them in the background.  

The key to this shot is the caption you use when posting it. Something funny like, “This team is always hard at work, regardless of what I’m doing.”, makes people laugh. Let’s face it, people identify with jokes about hard-working employees and their bosses.  

Selfies and photo bombs lend a humorous air to your social media shares. They delight your audience and show a fun side of your business. And because they don’t look staged, they convey the authenticity and transparency that help people connect with you. 

All social media posts should either educate, inspire, or entertain. With business selfies you have the last one covered brilliantly.