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Fall is a favorite among many people. The temps are enjoyable, weather is crisp and clear, and the autumn decor is so cozy. That popularity is what makes this season such a hit with marketers and it can be for your business too.

Here are five fall themes you can incorporate into your business for more engagement with your target audience.

5 Fun Fall Marketing Ideas and Themes

Use these fall marketing ideas to inspire your newsletter, blog posts, contests, social media posts, business interior/decor, offerings, and more.

Pumpkin Everything

It seems like every year it starts earlier and earlier, but people really clamor over pumpkin. From coffee creamer to cake, people can’t get enough of this colorful gourd. 

Incorporate pumpkin flavoring, host a pumpkin design contest, or even make fun of the fact that you’re offering a pumpkin option (like pumpkin rinse for clogged pipes, if you’re a plumber).  

Hate pumpkin? That’s okay too. Share that with your audience and invite them to ring in. You may be surprised on the level of engagement you receive.

Back to School

There’s more to back-to-school then just the first day. As students get settled in at all levels, it’s a good way to connect with students or their parents/adult guardians. 

Play up why your business is a favorite among students or their parents. Host a back-to-school bash, sale, or image contest or join in during homecoming festivities. 

Harvest Time and Gratefulness 

Whether you’re celebrating good harvests of local food, the hard work of the agriculture industry, or how important it is to feel grateful, there are many ways to use this theme to get your audience’s attention. 

It’s a time that invites conversation. Share what you are grateful for. Ask others what they’re grateful for. Pose questions about favorite foods. Tell the story of where your food comes from (if that’s what you sell). Highlight the farm-to-table story or some of your vendors and how they make your offerings the best.


From tailgating to homecoming, there are many ways to celebrate this sport and the excitement that goes along with it. 

Spotlight local players, ask people who they think will win, rename some of your offerings (temporarily) based on team names, be a sponsor of a local team. (Remember sponsors can do more than just buy a banner. A grocery store or farmer’s stand could provide fruit or healthy snacks for the players, for instance.) Run specials and discounts based on game points or wins. Give your audience something (else) to cheer about.

The Colors

Fall colors are amazing. There are vacationers who plan trips around those magnificent oranges, reds, and yellows. For those of us who don’t have as much color, you can ask other people to share their fall pics on your social media channels.

Plus, don’t forget the inviting glow of the hearth. Fall makes for great decorating ideas for your business as it’s a very cozy time. Fall is an invitation to come in and stay a while. Use that same idea in your marketing. Share recipes, favorite scents, favorite books, and color updates of the leaves in our area.

Fall is a beloved season, and you can use it to get closer with people in your ideal market. There are many options under each of these themes. Brainstorm some creative uses with these fall marketing ideas and you’ll make a big impression on your customers and future customers.

Author: Diksha