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Today we celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day. It’s a day that honors Native Americans and commemorates their customs and culture. Native Americans suffered great loss when explorers came to this country (through the introduction of disease, warfare, forced exodus and later assimilation, and mistreatment). As we honor them today, it’s important to remember the violent history of colonization.

But there’s also a lesson we can learn with Columbus.

When Columbus came to the “new world” he didn’t know what he had found. He thought he had met his goal–attaining a new route to riches. In reality he had “discovered” a world that was new to Europeans, a world filled with a different kind of resources, different from the silks and spices he had pursued.

This past year with COVID, many of our businesses pivoted and changed some of their offerings. When they first did this it may have been with the aim to stay open, not pursue vast riches. They may not have given much thought to it becoming something new and different or the possibilities behind something new to be explored.

Necessity hoisted their sails.

But now a year later, it may be easier to see what that new path brought. Is it somewhere you want to stay? Something you want to pursue further? Or do you have more exploring to do?

While we don’t want to make the type of mistakes Columbus did, it’s important to take some time to recognize where you are in your business these days. Are you in a new world with new opportunities or one of limited resources where additional exploration is necessary? Are you where you thought you would be when you launched your COVID-induced exploration or is it time to reexamine your business map? Is this something completely new to you and your customers?

Sometimes innovation is something best seen in the rear-view mirror. It’s only once you’re there that you understand where you needed to go (or not go).

Where Is Your Business Headed?

No matter where you find yourself, we can help. Reach out and we’ll help you chart the course you want to be on.

We are behind you and want to see you and your business succeed.