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At the Chamber we are always reevaluating our offerings and services to meet the needs of our members and the entire business community. You can see this in how we switched to Zoom webinars during COVID when in-person meetings were not possible. We also understood that businesses needed more low-cost (or free!) resources and did our best to provide them.

We’re changing again by tweaking our newsletter to make sure it is one of the most valuable business resources out there. In addition to providing information about events and webinars, we pull together the most important parts of 10-15 community, state, and federal newsletters to bring you the most important information for businesses.

Our Monday newsletter has become a critical part of the weekly planning for many people. But what we heard from them was that Mondays are extremely busy and that many recipients weren’t able to give the newsletter the time they wanted to. So, starting next week, the chamber newsletter will be delivered on Tuesday. It’s still early enough in the week to help with planning but not the busiest day of your week.

We’re also providing a lot of support for Shop Small Business Season. Small Business Saturday was a tremendous success but we want to do more. Our Monday blog posts through December 31st will have a small business focus. We’re also posting to social media about small business, and we’d be happy to share your business news.

We hope you will help support our neighbors as they begin to recover from a very difficult time. If there’s something you would like to see us get involved in, please let us know. We’re here to help and want every business to have one of its best holiday seasons ever!