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This week is one of the biggest shopping weeks of the season. Sure, there are individual days that rank higher for sales, but as a whole, this week is the big one. It’s the home stretch for holiday shopping and it’s also the perfect time to support our small businesses in Alameda.

Tired from a busy week? Try take out or delivery from a local restaurant.

Need one last perfect gift? Try some of our cute shops here in town.

Want to look amazing? We have many personal service and beauty professionals who can help.

Can’t make it home to walk your furry friend or don’t have time to clean the house before your guests arrive? Don’t forget about professional service people like dog walkers and cleaning professionals who can help take some of the stress off of you and your family during this time.

With less than a week until Christmas, we invite you to give local and small businesses a chance to help you. Don’t do it all on your own. There are plenty of your neighbors (with businesses) who can make your life easier while you help them in turn by giving them your support.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, we wish you peace and joy this week and beyond.