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I’ve been thinking a lot recently about today’s Chamber versus “our parents'” chamber. Chambers used to be something every new business owner or professional joined. It was a right of passage, a step to being viewed as an upstanding member of the community. Membership provided a vehicle to get support and give back.

Somewhere along the way chambers lost out on being the first step a business person took. Why?

For some, it was a lack of knowledge. Maybe they were starting a business for the first time and didn’t have mentors or a role model to tell them how the chamber could help. For others, it might’ve been the perception that chamber membership cost a lot. Some may have thought chambers were outdated or they didn’t fully understand the benefits of chamber membership.

That changes this year…at least in Alameda.

From Chamber of Commerce to Chamber & Economic Alliance

Business has changed along with the face of business ownership. At the Alameda Chamber & Economic Alliance, we are restructuring our offerings to ensure the needs of all types of businesses are met–large and small. We’re reaching out to business owners and employees to see what help they need and what solutions we can provide and how those things have changed through the pandemic and will into recovery as well. We’re also advocating on behalf of every business here in the community because our voice is loud and we can help you resolve outstanding concerns and help address needs in a way that few organizations can.

But we can’t do all of this alone.

This needs to be done in partnership with you. That’s why over the next several months, we’ll be circulating one-question surveys. They only take a minute or two to fill out but they will help us align our offerings with your needs.

As always, please contact us with any questions or feedback. This is YOUR chamber and we want to ensure it is meeting your needs.