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Today is Safer Internet Day and it’s the perfect time to talk about cyber security. Many smaller business owners I speak with are under the impression that internet crimes only occur to large companies and health care facilities.

That is no longer the case.

Small businesses are often seen as easier targets for cyber attacks because they’re largely unprotected. Make cyber security a priority for you and your business in 2022.

Plus, identity theft spiked during the pandemic. Take a look at these alarming statistics on cyber crime.

Protecting yourself doesn’t have to be high budget either. (Plus, you may be eligible for assistance.) There are some very basic things people forget to do such as:

  • applying updates as soon as they are available. If you think they’re inconvenient, wait until you have to deal with a data breach.
  • not sharing sensitive information over public wifi.
  • using a security suite.
  • using strong passwords and not the same password for everything.
  • training employees on cyber security protocols, especially if they work from home.

These are just a few suggestions but there are many more you should be doing. Talk to someone today. This is something we all have to worry about and Safer Internet Day is a good reminder of that.