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When I introduce myself to non-members of the chamber, I realize how many misconceptions there are about what Chambers do. Some people think we are a government agency. Others assume we are a philanthropic social group like a Rotary or Elks Club. While we work with all levels of government to help ensure the voice of business is heard and we perform philanthropic acts and we certainly are social, we are not any of these common misconceptions.

What Does the Chamber Do?

The chamber provides a link between the thoughts, needs, and opinions of businesses to larger groups like municipalities, the state, nonprofits, state chambers, and more.

We represent all businesses but most member businesses have fewer than 20 employees. The reason for this is that those businesses can’t afford the support larger businesses have access to and they can find these resources and support in the chamber.

But we help large businesses too.

As the State Chamber of California recently wrote local chamber are, “community problem solvers and serve as the voice of business on public policy. Chambers are catalysts for business growth, helping businesses do their jobs by providing resources, training opportunities, and expert guidance on a broad range of issues.”

We are champions of a thriving community. Here in Alameda, we work closely with the City to improve the quality of life for everyone, to recruit new businesses and make sure existing businesses have what they need to succeed. We’re helping to solve local problems and looking for ways to revitalize and grow areas so that Alameda becomes an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.

The Chamber connects business leaders with one another and presents business owners in a positive light to one another, the City, and beyond.

When I describe all of this, some people find it hard to believe. They tell me they thought the Chamber only hosted mixers or ribbon cuttings.

We do. But there’s so much more to the Chamber.

If you’re seeing this message and you want to learn about how the chamber can help your business, please contact us. If you’re already a member, maybe this message will help you convey what we do and why you decided to join.

I hope you have a successful week.