It sounds simple, but it’s true. For the last couple of years many people in business have jettisoned any ideas about developing their skills in favor of ensuring the survival of their business. That is completely understandable.

After all, it was a global pandemic.

Now, as the economic landscape opens up and we can envision slowly shifting into positive territory, if you haven’t already asked yourself what new skills you need to be successful, it’s time. New skills and experience are what will drive your business to the next level.

Learning and professional development are no longer things that can be relegated to the ‘nice, if I had time, to do’ list. It is imperative that you, and other business leaders, take a look at how you plan to improve your skills and knowledge to benefit your business. 

Right now, it does not matter what business you are in, somebody somewhere on this planet is snapping at your heels and is trying to ‘eat your lunch.’ 

You may be pleasantly surprised how many learning tools are readily (and sometimes freely) available to you. 

Seek Local Resources 

The Alameda Chamber has a number of resources that can help you grow your business and expand your knowledge. We have monthly webinars as well as networking events with professionals who can help expand your network and teach you new things. If you enjoy being a leader–or hope to become one–you can apply for our annual leadership development course, Leadership Alameda. We also have a Women Leaders group that offers an outlet for exchange, connecting, and learning. Our signature events bring important information to attendees as well.

The Chamber also partners with the local SBA to make informative webinars available to the business community. Also, check out our blog resources and video library on YouTube. Sign up for our weekly newsletter (on our website) and you’ll always be in the know about learning opportunities, not just here at the chamber, but all throughout Alameda.

There are a number of ways of helping you to grow your business through learning. Developing your online skills will help your business, as will seeking out a mentor.  

Twitter As A CPD Tool? 

During the last presidency, we saw how Twitter was used as a platform to get out a message. We also saw how many people received their news through that platform. You can do the same. Follow important business leaders in your industry, start-up gurus, or others you find fascinating. It’s surprising how much instruction/information many subject matter experts give away for free. They may also have podcasts, newsletters, and blogs you’d benefit from following.

Twitter is a fantastic tool to use to see what your counterparts in other parts of the world are doing. This may only take 15 minutes a day to do over your morning coffee. The information that can be gleaned from a tweet could spark something in your mind or lead you to further investigation. 

As with all social media, you can also meet and interact with people in your industry and beyond, all over the world (or country). You can exchange ideas and best practices but you also have the opportunity to lurk if interaction and exchange are not your goals.

Online Tools

Online publications like Inc Magazine are excellent tools for improving your understanding of what is happening globally. 

If you are an iPad/Apple user install the Pocket app and save relevant articles to the app for reading later.

Websites like, Fast Company, and Medium are also tremendous online resources for learning and much more lucrative to your business than an evening spent watching TV. 

Learning is not a luxury. In modern business it is a necessity and it doesn’t need to be a lengthy formal process. It can take the form of meaningful web browsing or interactions with services that are in place to help you. 

As always, the chamber is here to help.

Author: Diksha