Do you need more attention? Do you feel like your business isn’t top of mind in Alameda and beyond? People won’t buy from you if they don’t think about you. While the easiest way to increase sales is to upsell existing/current customers, the second-best way is increased exposure. These days, to stand out, you need to get creative.

Here are a few ideas to help get your business the attention it deserves without breaking your budget.

  1. Host a contest on social media.
  2. Sponsor a chamber event or provide a donation in exchange for recognition.
  3. Sponsor a youth sports team.
  4. Start a Facebook group in an area that interests your ideal target market. Real estate agents, for instance, might start a group based on Alameda community happenings.
  5. Write an eBook showcasing your talents, special knowledge, or expertise. Give it away.
  6. Host a class at the library.
  7. Host a drop in Q&A in a public spot in Alameda.
  8. Celebrate a national day with a giveaway (like a free drink with every slice of pizza on National Pizza Day).
  9. Advertise at our movie theatre.
  10. Be a guest on a podcast.
  11. Write a guest blog for a site that is popular with your target market.
  12. Set up your Google My Business page.
  13. If you are a service provider, look for ways to attach your company name to your work. For instance, a painter may ask the homeowner if they may place a sign in their yard while the work is completed. Some companies offer discounts for that.
  14. Place an advertising wrap or window cling on your car.  
  15. Advertise in a program for a large graduation or popular community event.
  16. Apply or be nominated for a “Best Of” contest. We host the Business Excellence Awards every year. While this year’s winners have already been selected (we’ll be announcing them soon!), look for the call for nominations in January 2023.  
  17. Speak at an event and ask if you’re able to provide brochures or ask for sign-ups for your list at the end. We offer weekly webinars that could be a good opportunity for you to present if you have subject matter expertise.
  18. Email past customers and those who have shown interest in you. Send them deals.
  19. Create a VIP group that receives special benefits for a minimal investment (like free shipping).
  20. Become part of a monthly subscription box.
  21. Pay for search results.
  22. Use targeting on social media ads.
  23. Host a party or open house at your place of business. Offer door prizes, swag, and/or free food.
  24. Use retargeted ads.
  25. Purchase a Chamber banner ad, website ad, or upgrade your directory placement.
  26. Advertise with a local CVB or get your business added to the local tourist map.
  27. Look for online directories in your niche and add your business information to them.
  28. Ask for referrals. Answer reviews on review sites.
  29. Create cool swag and give it away to employees, partners, and vendors—walking billboards.
  30. Post to local Facebook groups. Post solutions-oriented posts.
  31. Tie what you do into current concerns. For instance, if you work in cyber security, now is a good time to talk about the current concerns. Educate your audience through the production of free resources aka content marketing.
  32. Get into video. Bonus points if you can entertain your audience, not just provide good information.
  33. Trade website space with other businesses.
  34. Advertise on a restaurant menu.
  35. Use Messenger ads.
  36. Create a text offers list (with your customer’s permission, of course) and text out flash deals.

Marketing needn’t be expensive. If it provides good return on investment by bringing in more money than it costs, it’s invaluable. With these ideas to bring more attention to your business you can play around with the right mix to find what works for you and provides good return and conversions. 

Author: Diksha