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I’ve been thinking a lot abut collaboration these days.

Have you ever watched a TV show where a character from one show appears another? It’s fun isn’t it, mixing it up like that?

Well, for our April Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion meeting, we’re stepping out from our usual webinar space and joining with our Alameda Women Leaders Group for a memorable in-person night of learning, networking, and storytelling.

The special talk led by Dr. Cindy Acker will focus on the history of Women of Color in Alameda and their struggles. It will also expand to share stories of current women leaders who are giving of their talents to this community and beyond. Plus, we’ve also chosen a wonderful location for this event–the Karibu Wine Lounge on Park Street. Tickets are $30 and all guests can enjoy a glass of wine and charcuterie.

Every time these groups meet individually, it’s a unique experience for all involved. We’re particularly excited to see the magic that unfolds in this crossover event. We hope you’ll join us or spread the message to those who are interested. Register here.

This event is the perfect example of the power of collaboration. If you’ve been stuck in your business and trying to think of a creative solution to a problem you’re facing, collaboration may be the answer. Are there other businesses you can partner with for mutual benefit? Is there a person you can pull in for some fresh ideas on your business and yours on theirs? How about collaborating with the chamber?

Crossover events, insights, and other collaborative processes can help you discover new successes. What better time to work on collaboration than during a season that is so ripe with growth?

Have a wonderful week and speaking of growth, don’t forget to get your tickets to the State of the City on April 7.