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Housing is a big issue on our Island. It’s how we attract quality employees, retain young people who grew up here, and court new business. Without affordable housing options, business growth is difficult.

There are many discussions going on around the issue. How do we set aside affordable housing options without changing the Island feel?

The City Charter’s Article 26 prohibits multifamily housing and residential densities above 22 units/acre. Multifamily housing is the most affordable housing type. The State has now deemed Article 26 in conflict with State law.

So where does that leave Alameda?

In short, failure to comply with State law will inevitably result in loss of funding, incurring fines, and possibly costly lawsuits for the City.

The housing conversation is coming to a head. It’s important that all citizens remain informed. That’s why we are hosting A Conversation About Housing in Alameda with Andrew Thomas, Director of Building, Planning, and Transportation for the City of Alameda.

Please attend one of the remaining events:

-May 24th at 4:00 PM at Jim’s on the Course, 1 Clubhouse Memorial Rd, 94502
-June 9th at 5:00 PM at Almanac, 651 W Tower Ave,  94501 

Contact me (Madlen) at the Alameda Chamber & Economic Alliance at 510-522-0414 (office) or email with questions.

Have an inspired week.