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This Monday is Memorial Day, a day we honor those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. We also remember their families who sacrificed so much. This weekend, when you are enjoying the festivities, remember what this day is set aside for.

In honor of Memorial Day, I wanted to share a little of our rich military history because it is from that history that we are seeing new growth on our island. We ceded our airport in 1936 to the government and in 1940 Naval operations began. President Nixon served here in 1944. Our Naval base was an important one from WWII through the Cold War and into the post-Vietnam era. Twenty-five years ago the base closed.

But from that ending a new beginning sprung up. Our former Naval Air Station has now become the home to many businesses, housing options, and public lands as Alameda Point. It’s an area in transition and offers a lot of opportunities. With its unique shoreline, panoramic views, and wildlife habitats, it’s an attractive area for investors, residents, and visitors.

I love the possibilities at Alameda Point. We look forward to what’s to come as this area gets a new lease on life and we can enjoy it in new ways with the housing options it provides.

Speaking of, you don’t want to miss our two final conversations about housing with Andrew Thomason today, May 24th and June 23rd.

Have a relaxing Memorial Day and keep our fallen soldiers and their families in your thoughts.