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Are you a Warriors fan? Of course, right? Who wouldn’t be after that win?

The final game just happened to fall on the night of our Business Excellence Awards and we were–literally–at sea. With no internet on the ship, we quickly grabbed a laptop and used a phone as a hotspot and streamed the game.

And I’m glad we did because then we could join in on the celebration. Later that week, I started thinking about the importance of celebrating the wins, whether it’s a championship final or the first sale of the day. Celebrating wins of all sizes helps us feel accomplished, like our efforts matter. And that’s important for everyone who’s working hard for your company.

We’d like to join you in your wins too. We invite you to share them with us. Whether it’s a professional growth moment, a business anniversary, a new opening, or a new hire. Tell us about it and we’ll make sure the community knows too.

Winning isn’t everything but in challenging times it can feel that way. A small win can be a big victory so pay attention to them and don’t discount what they could mean to your business and your employees.