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We started this week by celebrating Independence Day. Many people expressed their thoughts about freedom, some feeling like their personal freedoms are being trampled on.

But that is one wonderful thing about our country. When you disagree about something, you can do so in public without fear of being locked up or worse. You can exercise your right to vote to elect people who will change laws or minds. There are options here and if things seem bleak, that’s when you advocate for change.

This commentary is not about a single subject or decision. In general, one of the strengths of our country is our ability to shape change.

Every day the Chamber is working on behalf of businesses, making sure all business voices are heard. It is through the power of the collective that our needs are addressed.

When you go before City Council as a single business, you are one of many. Your opinion may be just that–one opinion. But when the Chamber goes before City Council for you (and the other businesses we represent), we are a strong, loud voice for business.

Now that the fireworks have fizzled, and the patriotic decorations have been put away, we hope you still hold onto the ideals our nation was founded upon–that we all should have equal rights and the ability to pursue our dreams.

Change is doable and your voice can be heard.