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Tomorrow is Update Your Profile Bio Day. While this certainly seems like one of the less consequential days of observance, it does serve as an important reminder for business to be more human.

A social media bio (or even the boilerplate for press releases and introductions) is important because it’s like the condensed version of who you–or your business–is. It can entice people to learn more about you or can put them off.

When I’m giving suggestions on creating your own summary, I always say, don’t think of it as your resume that highlights all your major accomplishments. Think of it as a movie trailer for yourself. You want to give people just enough info about you to interest them. You want to include unique details that are either interesting or identifiable.

You want people to think “wow” or “that’s just like me.”

People don’t do business with faceless, soulless businesses. They want to get to know you and your social media bio (or even your About Page) should invite them in to stay awhile.

This is also valuable advice when networking. Give pertinent details about you and your business that will lure others to want to learn more about you.

This week, take a look at your bio, About Page, and boilerplate language. Do these things reflect who you are in an interesting way or do they sound like every other professional?

Give the visitors to your site(s) something to remember. Give them a taste of who you are.