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This Wednesday is Support Your Local Chamber Day. We sure do love our members but to ask you to “support” us is off-target. We’re here to support you. When you join the chamber, you are making an investment in your business with increased marketing, networking, exposure, and education opportunities. It’s one of the most economical ways to boost your business.

Plus, the Alameda Chamber & Economic Alliance has a great reputation in the community. When people see you are a part of the group, they feel safer doing business with you. They know that you are not a fly-by-night organization. Community means something to you.

Behind the scenes, we are advocating for businesses. Sure, if you’re a Fortune 500 company you likely have a lobbyist firm looking out for your interests. But a small (and even medium) business usually can’t afford to have someone speaking for them at a city, state, and federal level. We leverage our connections to ensure your voice is heard. As the saying goes–there’s power in numbers–and we can deliver on those numbers to ensure your ideas and needs are addressed.

Coming in 2023, you’re going to see an increase in educational opportunities that as a member are available to every person on your staff. Chamber membership helps lessen the cost of professional development. We will continue to monitor and help with urgent quality-of-life initiatives like affordable housing and workforce development. Plus, we just launched a magazine showcasing businesses in the area and we’re focusing more on economic development and tourism.

So do I want you to join the chamber? Of course. Do I want all your professional friends to join too? You bet. Do I want you to celebrate supporting the chamber? No. This is an investment, not a charity. Membership has its benefits and we can do some amazing things for your business and our community through your investment.