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Starting today, November 1st, we are supporting Small Business Season. The thought behind this global marketing push is that one day is not enough support for our small businesses. We want to support them through the entire holiday season!

The Chamber is here to help share the message and educate everyone on the importance of supporting not just a local business, but our neighbors and friends. They provide jobs to our youth and support our community by donating to our non-profits, our youth organizations, and our local events.

Together, let’s help them thrive!

Small Business Season™ Is a Big Deal

Small businesses are facing extraordinary challenges. From a global pandemic and business closures to hiring and retention challenges and now rising costs, many small businesses were forced to tap into their reserves to remain open.

That in itself posed a problem because according to JP Morgan Chase, “The median small business holds 27 cash buffer days in reserve. Half of all small businesses hold a cash buffer of less than one month. Moreover, 25 percent of small businesses hold fewer than 13 cash buffer days in reserve.” That means over half of small businesses wouldn’t last over a month on their reserves.

Our small businesses in 2022 (and beyond) deserve more than one day of support. They need an entire season! That’s why this year we are encouraging neighbors, business owners, and community leaders to support the call to action to Do Something Big and Shop Small.