March is Women’s History Month when the world celebrates the many contributions of women everywhere. If you’re not sure how to celebrate, we have some ideas for you and your business.  

For the ideas in this article, think across multiple mediums to add content on your blog, in videos, reels, a podcast episode or two, audio quotes, social media posts, etc. The same content can be repurposed in different formats to ensure everyone can find their favorite way to enjoy it and you don’t have to recreate the wheel every time. 

20 Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month 

Here are a few ways you can show your support for women: 

  1. If you’re a woman-owned business, tell your story and the challenges you overcame to open your doors or share the story of a woman in your industry that you admire.  
  1. Share a story about a woman in your life who inspires/inspired you. 
  1. Tag women who inspire you in pictures on social media but make sure they are in your friend group. Tagging someone you don’t know—while flattering—is like interrupting a conversation. It’s just not considered polite. It’s akin to walking up to a group mid-conversation and butting in with your own agenda.
  1. Talk about your experience with bias or gender inequality either something you’ve experienced or something you’ve witnessed. Share a story of one of your ancestors or older family members who overcame a bias or did something unexpected in her time period. 
  1. If you’re a woman working in a non-traditional field for your gender, help someone who’s thinking about doing what you do. Reach out to be a mentor, make a donation to a program that assists young women, or write a book/produce a video/host a podcast on topics that are valuable to a woman’s professional growth.
  1. Review your business policies to see if they are fair. Do you offer flexibility? Is there a job in your business that could fit the hours of moms whose children are in school? Are you marketing these opportunities in a way that would appeal to women? 
  1. Have a tough conversation about why people have left your employ. Were any of them women or moms who felt uncomfortable in their surroundings or felt like it was difficult to work in your business/industry? Can that be changed?
  1. Read a historical piece that gives advice about women or to women. How has that advice changed? Share your findings with your audience. This type of comparison can be funny and enlightening.
  1. Be thankful for the opportunities that exist now and share words of gratitude. 
  1. Talk about how you’re a progressive employer or how you intend to become one. Use specific examples. 
  1. Host a flash meetup or plan an event for next year honoring women or the strides made by them. 
  1. Visit a nursing home or retirement home and speak with women about their memories and the challenges they faced. Use what you’ve learned there to develop a newfound appreciation of the struggles faced by women. Ask them if you can tell their stories.  
  1. Research the first women in your field or industry and talk about their experiences and the history they lived through. 
  1. Call a few of your female peers and invite them to breakfast or lunch. Talk about what it means to be a woman in the workplace today versus when they entered it.   
  1. Create a “resources for women” page on your website (if it makes sense for your business). 
  1. Challenge yourself to buy from female business owners for a day (week, month, season, etc). 
  1. Volunteer at a women’s shelter, girl’s group, or women’s business association. 
  1. Ask women what advice they wish someone had given them about the workplace or industry they work in. Put their suggestions together and share them with your audience. If you’re going to share them, make sure you receive their okay first. Create a visual collage of the advice.
  1. Share a favorite recipe, way of doing something, or advice from a woman who influenced you. 
  1. Read a book or article about women in another country. How do their experiences differ from yours or the women you know?  

Women’s History Month is about celebrating women and their accomplishments whether those accomplishments involve starting what becomes a Fortune 500 company or raising a kinder generation. Women of all walks and educational levels contribute to our society. How will you honor them?  

Author: Diksha