Major overhauls of a business take time and buy-in, and frankly, they can be a little frightening. Not so of these mini tweaks. These seven things can help you move the meter in your business in less time than it takes to wolf down a sandwich and check your voicemails. 

Find Out What Customers Like 

Your customers are more valuable to your business than from just merely a revenue perspective. Knowing what they respond to can help you shape services and products, create more meaningful content, and engage them more on social media. Don’t be afraid to ask them what they like. Create a short survey and email it to them or “hang” it on your website if you get a lot of traffic. The key here is short but there are a few other things to keep in mind

Ask for Reviews 

Depending on the type of business you have, spend a few minutes reaching out to satisfied customers for reviews, referrals, or testimonials. It may feel awkward at first but these types of social proof go a long way for potential customers. Think of it as giving people an opportunity (and a gentle reminder) to share something with their followers that will be of value to them. Doesn’t everyone need a good plumber or hairstylist? Of course they do. Now give your customers a way to help their friends. 

In your communication with them explain why reviews are important to the success of your business. If you’re asking for reviews, make it easy for them to respond by inserting URLs to the review site or a QR code in your email request. If you are asking for testimonials, post them to your site when you get them. If referrals were what you were after, give them an incentive to do so or surprise them with a discount later. 

Reach Out to a Complementary Business for a Special Program 

Another way to get more interest in your business is to offer something your competitors aren’t. A simple way to do that is to partner with a complementary business for a special offering. For instance, if you’re a health food store you could partner with a local caterer to host a “healthy meals in minutes” program in your store. This could attract new business for both of you.   

Rework Your Social Media Cover Images 

With the help of easy-to-use templates on Canva, you can redesign your cover image on your social media profiles during your lunch hour. Keeping them fresh will help attract more eyes and give consistent visitors something new to look at while you focus on something you want the world to know about like new hours, new products, new services, or something fun to look at/share. 

Go Live on Facebook 

If you have your phone with you, you can go Live on Facebook during your lunch hour. Not sure what to talk about? Think about a question you’re often asked at your business and answer it. Encourage people to ask questions of you as well. Give a tour of your business. Introduce your staff or share what motivates you. You can broadcast for up to 90 minutes but keeping it between 15-20 minutes is probably sufficient. You’ll get more views if you remain live for at least 15 minutes. Then save the video and post it to your site. 

Create a TikTok or Reel

These mini-videos are not only incredibly popular but they also get a lot of air time and exposure from the platforms that are pushing them. Your videos will probably reach more profiles and views through these videos than through an ordinary post.

Figure Out Your Most Popular Posts 

Look at the data and figure out what hit home with your audience then do more of it. If you notice image quotes make up most of your engagement on Twitter, for example, keep that in mind when creating content. 

Don’t forget to share posts to your Stories. Many businesses are finding a lot more views come from Stories even though they only have a 24-hour shelf life.

Share the Love 

Go through your customer files and pull out your most loyal. Now make sure you follow them on social media and share their content, where appropriate. Add in flattering comments like “Good advice” and “Love this perspective.” This will make them feel good and people will be more likely to click on the links and share if they know why you like the posts. 

Small business owners are busy people and because of that, often digital marketing falls by the wayside. But you don’t need much time to make a little progress every day. Make a list of things you can do that only take a few minutes. Then when you have a moment before a meeting, in between customers, or while you’re eating lunch, you can make the most of your most valuable resource – your time.  

Author: Diksha