One of the Most Critical Components of Business Success

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What’s one of the most critical components of success for small businesses?

Is it location?

Maybe it’s what you sell?

While most business gurus will admit those things are incredibly important, location is becoming less so for many, especially with online selling and courses. And yes, what you sell is important too. If there are too many people selling exactly what you do, in the same way you do, it’s difficult to stand out. But you can have both of those things right–a great location and terrific product/service–and still fail.


If you are not commanding the right price for your product/services. You’ll struggle.

Why Pricing Is Critical to Your Success

Pricing is one of the most important things you can do for your small business for several reasons:

  • Profitability. Price too high and no one will buy. Price too low and there’s nowhere to go. (You’ll be on a slippery slope to not being able to cover your costs.) Pricing is the foundation of your business’s financial health. The price you set needs to cover all business costs (production, materials, labor, rent, insurance, taxes, payroll, marketing, etc.) and leave you with a profit margin. After all, you’re not pocketing every penny that someone gives you. Without proper pricing, you risk losing money on every sale, hindering your ability to grow or stay in business.

  • Customer Perception. Price sends a message about your brand and the value you offer. A high price point can imply premium quality or expertise, while a lower price might attract budget-conscious customers. Finding the right balance between value and perceived worth is key as is aligning that price point with your ideal audience.

    Pricing Strategy

  • Competition. You need to be aware of your competitors’ pricing strategies. Again, pricing too high can scare away customers who can find similar products or services elsewhere. Pricing too low might not generate enough revenue or position you as a low-quality provider. That’s why some people will tell you the “market sets the price.” Speaking of…

  • Market Demand. Understanding your target audience’s price sensitivity is essential. Research and competitor analysis can help you determine the ideal price for your offerings. The internet has made this type of research extremely easy.

  • Attention. Pricing can get you noticed. Introductory discounts can attract new customers, while premium pricing can target a niche market with higher spending power or perceived need. You can adjust pricing over time to align with business growth and evolving market conditions.

By setting the right price, small businesses can create a strong foundation for success, attract the right customers, and build a sustainable and profitable operation in the long run.


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