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  • What Is an Alameda Social Champion?

An Alameda Social Champion is an Ambassador of the Alameda Chamber of Commerce who wants to help the Chamber and themselves with having a stronger online presence.


What Are Some Benefits of Being a Social Champion?

  • Celebrity status -> You are an influencer.
  • Branding for you and your business -> Be known.
  • Build relationships within the community and beyond -> Know, like, and trust.

How Do I Become an Alameda Social Champion?

Be an active Alameda Chamber Ambassador and have an account on one or all of the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

You do not need to be on all social platforms to qualify as an Alameda Social Media Champion.


To start:

Follow the Alameda Chamber on each platform you have an account on:

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • LinkedIn:
  • Become friends online with other fellow Alameda Ambassadors. We are all here to help one another.
  • Like/Follow Alameda Chamber Businesses
  • BONUS: Follow the Chamber page through your business and interact through your business for more reach, engagement and boost in your algorithm

How Can I help?

Consistency is key. Here are some suggestions on how you can help your business, the community, and the Chamber online through social media.

  • Like posts from the Chamber. By liking a post, it will tell the platform algorithm this is an active post.
  • Comment
    • Comment on the post
    • Interact with others who have commented
    • Use your personal and business page to make comments
    • Break the ice – be the first to make a comment to help a post get more engagement
  • Tag
    • Tagging is helpful, because we can’t all be friends with everyone. So be sure to tag friends/businesses who you know:
      • Is in photo(s) posted
      • Had attended an event that is being discussed
      • Might be interested in an event that is posted
      • Might be interested in a topic that is being discussed
      • Can offer a product being mentioned
      • DO not tag if you are unsure of whether they would find value in the post. If there's no direct correlation, they may find it is like someone shouting their name in a crowded room for no reason.
  • Share
    This is the "Golden Ticket" for online involvement and there are many ways you can be sharing information/posts

    • Direct to your timeline
    • To your story
    • In groups
    • To a friend’s timeline
    • To your business page
    • Through direct message

Note: When sharing, be sure to add text to what you are sharing to add your voice to the post.

  • ­Check-In
    • When visiting a member business
    • Attending an event
    • Visiting a local park
    • Hiking or taking a walk around the area
    • At a place of interest
  • Post Photos/Short Videos
    Tag the Chamber and others who are involved

Fun Post Ideas:

  • Events (check-in and post about it)
  • Member business visits
  • A beautiful area in Alameda
  • Short interview with a member
  • Something new or unusual
  • Images taken while hiking or walking on a local trail or around Alameda (consider a photo-taking safari)

Additional Ways to Be Helpful

  • Be active in groups
  • Recommend member businesses
  • Give reviews to member businesses
  • Tell your friends