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The Key to Employee Engagement is You 

Would you trust the care of your most beloved loved one to someone who didn’t like you very much? If you have disengaged employees, you might be doing just that.  It is impossible for a disengaged employee to provide excellent customer service. It doesn’t matter how skilled the employee is, if they think of your…

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They Are NOT (All) Your Ideal Customer

Have you read Michael Port’s Book Yourself Solid? In it, he shares the importance of selecting an ideal customer or client–knowing who is best suited for, and needs, your offerings. He writes that this is one of the first things you should do because you don’t want to end up working with someone who’s not…

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4 Reasons You Need to Get Involved with the Chamber Today

Businesses join the chamber of commerce for several reasons. Years ago, it may have been expected; just something you did when you opened a business and wanted to be in good standing in the community.  But these days it’s more likely a business joins because there is a direct advantage to them. Maybe they wanted…

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