Economic Development

Economic Development

Economic Growth

The Chamber works to support and stimulate the growth of tourism, retail, bio-tech, life sciences, space tech, maritime, manufacturing, and other industries while building awareness within the community. We also provide support to economic development organizations in the region, both public and private sector.

Alameda is growing and our growth is expected to increase over the next several years as older properties continue to be redeveloped in exciting mixed-use projects and the few remaining vacant sites are developed. The Chamber is positioned to play a large role in attracting businesses to the available sites.

These projects include:

Check out the pictures below.

1951 Harbor Bay Parkway

South Loop

Alameda Point, Building 9

North Loop

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Alameda is a gem located in the San Francisco Bay Area. It sparkles with all the brilliance of a large city but as an island, it lacks a lot of the commotion of a large metropolitan area.

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If you’re considering a new location, a place where there are good schools, plenty of outdoor activities, abundant restaurants and things to do, as well as successful employers looking to hire, Alameda is the perfect place to call home. Start with our Destination Alameda Magazine. It’s full of helpful information to get you started in the right direction and help you get to know the Island.