Leadership Alameda

What Is Leadership Alameda?

Leadership Alameda is designed to introduce an annual class of future leaders to major facets of the community through an informative and interactive, professional development program.

Leadership Alameda’s participants partake in educational sessions, tours and conversations with community leaders in various industries.

It is an ideal program for people in all industries, at all career levels, and from all backgrounds. Leadership Alameda recruits lifelong learners with an interest in becoming an empowered leader on a grassroots level by covering major areas important to the Alameda community.

Areas of learning include:

  • government affairs
  • education
  • law enforcement/first response healthcare, wellness, and aging
  • business & economic development
  • diversity and inclusion
  • the arts, leisure, and tourism
  • the environment
  • nonprofit organizations
  • transportation and housing

Each month participants take a deep dive into one of these areas so that they may see and experience their community anew. The hands-on learning provides exposure to each area and the leaders shaping these programs.

The participants will also create a class project to help improve Alameda and further their interaction with one another. Working with organizers, the class project will be focused on “giving back” in some way and will be decided annually by each class.

Through a combination of interactive workshops, guest speakers, and real-world case studies, participants gain practical insights and build a strong network of peers and mentors. The program also includes opportunities for community involvement and civic engagement, helping participants cultivate a deep understanding of the local business landscape and develop a strong sense of community stewardship. With a focus on experiential learning and practical application, the Alameda Leadership Program empowers participants to drive positive change and make a meaningful impact in their businesses and our community.

Program Goals

  • Create and expand a base of knowledgeable citizens and leaders – building a “pipeline” of informed individuals for civic and community engagement.
  • Prompt broader citizen involvement by providing a forum for educated debate and an opportunity for participants to strengthen their leadership skills.
  • Facilitate meetings with key community leaders to learn about their programs and services.
  • Uncover the critical issues facing our community.
  • Provide networking opportunities with key community leaders, class members, and graduates of the Leadership Alameda program.


Participants will grow in awareness and understanding of the issues and challenges facing our community. They will also develop valuable contacts within the community and networks for the future. Most importantly, Leadership Alameda participants become an even more involved group of individuals making our community a better place to live and work.

Selection Process

The deadline to apply for the 2025 class is OPEN. Apply now. The application deadline is June 30th (or sooner). Applications will close when spots are filled. 

The selecting committee focuses on the applicant’s commitment to community and professional development, diversity, and engagement. The program encourages a collaboration of ideas and viewpoints.

Chosen Participants Will Demonstrate

  • A passion and interest for the people and future of Alameda
  • A demonstrated commitment to the community through past and current activities
  • A willingness to commit the time and energy necessary to complete the program requirements, which requires the full support of their organization/employer
  • A commitment to representing the Leadership Alameda program in a positive light now and in the future.

Time Commitment

Commitment to participating in Leadership Alameda centers on involvement and participation. Those who choose to apply should realize the significant time commitment of the program. The class meets for one 8-hour session each month from September through June. Applicants must be able to fulfill program attendance requirements in order to graduate, and no more than 8 hours may be missed, without dismissal from the program.

Participants who cannot meet the requirements may be given the opportunity to make up classes within two years based on availability.

Who Should Consider Applying to Leadership Alameda?

People of all ages with an interest in business and leadership development or community leadership are encouraged to apply. We’re looking for individuals from various backgrounds who want to be an advocate for the business community.

It’s also a terrific opportunity for new residents, new employees, and new business owners. There’s no better way to make these types of valuable connections with your new community.

Leadership Alameda is an excellent resource for professional development.


Current tuition is $1,495 for chamber members ($1,695 for nonmembers) plus a $100 non-refundable application fee. Tuition includes all sessions, lunches, break refreshments, class materials, field trips, graduation dinner and ceremony. Tuition must be paid in full before the first class session.

Applications for the 2025 Class Are Open!

The 2025 Leadership Alameda class registration is open. 

The 2025 class will begin in September 2024 and graduate in June 2025. 

Applications are open through June 30th (or before should spots fill up).

To apply, view fill out the application located here.

For more information, contact Madlen Saddik at madlen@alamedachamber or 510-522-0414.

Leadership Alameda

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