Alameda Chamber & Economic Alliance

The Chamber Board

2024 Board of Directors

From left to right

Back row: David Mik, Brock Grunt

Middle row: Mario Harding; Diego Gonzalez; Joe Ernst; Past Chair, Kelly Lux; Dr. Diana Bajrami; Dr. Chris Wachira; Treasurer, Jennifer Cianciulli; Michael Liberatore

Front row: Board Chair, Joann Guitarte; Margaret Su; President & CEO Madlen Saddik; Dr. Cindy Acker; Secretary, Bill Withrow; Becca Perata

Chamber Staff

Lynn Losande​

Executive Assistant

Lynn Losande​

Executive Assistant

Lynn Losande

Lynn assists in the recruitment and retention of chamber members which involves providing information about membership benefits, processing applications, and addressing member inquiries. Additionally she helps organize and coordinate chamber events, such as networking functions, seminars, workshops, and community activities.

She is an intricate part of our community activities and represents the chamber at local events to build strong relationships within the community.


The Ambassador Program acts as an extension of the Alameda Chamber and is a recognized liaison group between the Chamber and its members and the community.

The Alameda Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Program's Mission:

Promote member commitment and retention actively promoting and representing the Chamber by:

  • Raising awareness of Chamber activities, events, and benefits
  • Introducing, informing, and involving new Chamber members to promote strong loyalty and interest
  • Encouraging engagement and beneficial participation in the Chamber’s programs
  • Serving as a liaison between the Chamber staff, members and the community

The committee also helps existing members remain involved and directs prospective members to the appropriate channels.

Chamber Ambassadors are always helpful, honest, and engaging.

They have:

  • big ears to listen
  • big smiles to set people at ease
  • big minds to see connections and possibilities and
  • big hearts to make it all possible

If you’re interested in being considered for the Alameda Chamber of Commerce’s Ambassador Program, take a look at the Alameda Ambassadors Packet, fill out the application and commitment sheets, and send them back to


The Alameda Chamber & Economic Alliance is the driving force that fosters and sustains a robust and prosperous economy in Alameda. As a fervent advocate, we champion businesses of all scales and diverse backgrounds, nurturing an inclusive and vibrant business community. We convene leaders and influencers, uniting them in collaborative and ingenious solutions. With unwavering passion and foresight, we serve as a catalytic force, igniting and nurturing economic and business growth across the region. We envision an Alameda that thrives on innovation, sustains boundless opportunities, and remains an exemplary model for economic prosperity and progress.

The Alameda Chamber & Economic Alliance builds a robust economy, creates collaborative opportunities geared at improving quality of life, champions diversity, and ignites business growth.


To be the trusted resource and visionary leader, backing a future where sustainability and resilience are the cornerstones of our thriving economy, where Alameda serves as a shining example for other communities. We strive to cultivate a dynamic business landscape that embraces innovative solutions, ensuring long-term environmental and economic stewardship for generations to come.

Through strategic economic and workforce development initiatives, we aim to nurture a diverse range of industries, attract investments, and forge partnerships, fostering an inclusive and robust economy that enriches the lives of Alameda residents and businesses alike.

2023 Directors










Nicolas Procos
Alameda Municipal Power
Chamber Liaison.
Dr. Diana Bajrami
Alameda College
Chamber Liaison.
Jennifer Williams
VP Alameda Unified School District
Chamber Liaison.

Board of Directors

A Message from the Chair


Kelly Lux

Kelly Lux State Farm Insurance


I am honored to serve as the Chairperson of the Board this year, and I am filled with hope for the future.

We have all been through a challenging two years with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Throughout this time, the Chamber has offered an abundance of business and marketing opportunities. In 2020, we brought our events online and produced 39 webinars with 1700 viewers. We have maintained strong communication with our members to discover what you need and how best to serve you. We are working to continue to create opportunities to help your business thrive and prosper in the coming year and beyond.

Our vision for the future is Business Strong, Community Strong, and Chamber Strong. I look forward to working with you in seeking solutions that are perfect for your business and our community. Your expertise, participation, and ideas are vital to building success and keeping Alameda vibrant.

Stay safe and healthy, and let us know how we can help.

Kelly E. Lux

2023 Board Chair

Alameda Chamber of Commerce