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Simple Tips to Improve Your Time Management in the Work Place

By taking control of your time, you’re able to stay focused on the task at hand. This leads to higher efficiency and stronger momentum. Implementing a time management plan can do wonders for your work environment as well as your personal well-being. Managing time means less stress, more time to do the things you love,…

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Take the Friction Out of Doing Business with You

Do you want more customers? Then you need to remove the friction behind doing business with you. Even if you have great customer service, support, and sales, you may have unknown friction that exists before you see the face of your customer. Luckily, you can smooth that out with content. Here are two problems you…

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6 Signs of a Healthy Business

Many of us have spent this year concerned over the health of our businesses or those in Alameda. And while it’s easy to assume you know the indicators of a healthy business–a good balance sheet–it’s not the only thing you should be looking at. In today’s world a quick decision from a leader can radically…

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25 Ways to Become a “Fun” Business

transforming your business into a fun business

Do you want to appeal to a younger demographic? Want to get people talking about you? Maybe you want to attract an ultra-cool influencer or celebrity customer? If you do, rebranding and becoming a “fun” business may be just the way to get more attention and a more loyal fanbase. There are many serious reasons…

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7 Quick Ways to Get More Upsells and Referrals

Your current clients/customers are likely an untapped resource of additional revenue. After all, it is much easier to sell to someone who already likes you than it is to win over a new person.  But there’s a lot of competition out there.  There’s a saying in the restaurant industry that a diner who described their…

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6 “Better Than Surveys” Ways to Find Out What Your Customers Think

A few years ago, a trend came on the scene that changed how businesses interact with their customers. Business people began recognizing the importance of the customer experience and customizing their offerings to what customers wanted. That was a great thing. But what came out of it that was not so great were surveys. Of…

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6 Resources and Tips to Make Your Holiday Business Better

Concern over the holiday shopping season is one that’s looming large on most business owners’ minds.  Will it be a good one? Can it be so good that it makes up for a disappointing spring and summer? If you’re concerned about these things, you’re not alone. And there are actions you can take–even if you don’t…

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How Do I Start a Business in Alameda?

starting a business in Alameda

“I want to go into business.”   At the Alameda Chamber of Commerce, we love hearing this phrase. There is no better feeling than when someone wants to invest in our community. While the barrier to entry has been reduced significantly in so many industries, there are still some things you should know about starting a business. Here’s some…

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10 Easy Ways to Increase Sales

One of the most obvious ways to boost revenue in your business is to increase sales. But during our current pandemic, how do you make that happen? It’s easier than you think and you don’t even need a huge budget to get it done. 10 Ways You Can Start Increasing Sales Today   1. Get a…

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