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What’s in Chamber Membership for You? Hint: it’s more than just a ribbon cutting

Years ago, businesspeople joined the chamber because it was expected. It was just something you did. These days membership isn’t automatic for most people but it’s still a valuable investment in your business. In addition to networking events and ribbon cuttings, the Alameda Chamber offers a lot of benefits–things you can’t do for yourself. Plus,…

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President’s Message

This Wednesday is Support Your Local Chamber Day. We sure do love our members but to ask you to “support” us is off-target. We’re here to support you. When you join the chamber, you are making an investment in your business with increased marketing, networking, exposure, and education opportunities. It’s one of the most economical…

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How Can the Chamber of Commerce Help Your Business?

This week, I saw a video on that advised that for a small business to get the most value out of a chamber of commerce membership, it shouldn’t ask about what the benefits are, but rather ask themselves “how can I help the chamber help me.” Help the Chamber Help You There are many benefits behind…

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President’s Message 1/25

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about today’s Chamber versus “our parents’” chamber. Chambers used to be something every new business owner or professional joined. It was a right of passage, a step to being viewed as an upstanding member of the community. Membership provided a vehicle to get support and give back. Somewhere along…

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Chamber President’s Message: Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day

Wednesday is Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day. (And no, we didn’t make this up!) There are a lot of benefits to membership in the Chamber and we hope you are making the most of them. However, this year may be the most important time for you to examine your benefits and understand the…

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7 Chamber Benefits That Millennials Need

If you’re a Millennial and want to be a future leader or entrepreneur, the Chamber can help. Plus, it’s important you know the Chamber is not just for older professionals. You can get a lot of value from it too.  7 Reasons Millennials Need Chamber Membership Mentorships The Chamber is filled with seasoned professionals who…

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8 Ways the Alameda Chamber Can Help You Through COVID-19

business assistance

2020 has been tough. When it all began, some of you likely believed it would be over by now but many businesses are still struggling. That’s why we want to call attention to the ways the Alameda Chamber of Commerce can provide assistance for business. Advocacy How many legislators and people in government do you…

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I’m a New Alameda Chamber Member. Now What?

chamber benefits

Have you recently joined the Alameda chamber? New chamber membership brings a lot of benefits, but also a lot of questions. We’re here to help and ensure you are as excited a year from now as you are right at this moment, Alameda Chamber member! Keep reading if you’re overwhelmed by the number of chamber…

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