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What Does It Mean to Be a Chamber Member?

The Hidden Value Behind Chamber Membership Traditionally, a chamber of commerce is a membership organization that supports the interests of its business members. It is not affiliated with the government, nor is it a charity. The chamber is separate from the Better Business Bureau. Now that we’ve explained the traditional notion of chamber membership, let’s…

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3 Reasons to Join the Chamber in a Time of Economic Uncertainty

Times of economic uncertainty don’t drive anyone to look for new ways to spend money. But some investments in your business–even when you’re worried about cash flow–are worth the return. Without those necessities—be they software or services—you couldn’t operate. Chamber membership is one of those necessary business investments and here’s why: Uncertain Times Mean Unprecedented…

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25 Restaurant Marketing Opportunities With Your Alameda Chamber Membership

Restaurant marketing was hard enough even before COVID! Serving good food is often not enough to be successful in the restaurant industry. Restauranteurs struggle with everything from staffing to marketing, staying top of mind to staying on top of orders. The demands are endless but the Alameda Chamber of Commerce can help. Here’s how to…

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