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6 Things You’ll Miss Out On If You Don’t Improve Your Business Content

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Google wants content.   You want customers.   Customers come through Google.   What does that tell you about content?   In order to get more customers you need great content.   Not great in your eyes but great (aka valuable) in the eyes of your prospective and current customers. Google can’t ask each of your customers what they think about your offerings so instead it looks at…

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How Inspiring Content Can Improve Your Business Marketing

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Professional content creators will tell you the key to great content is to make it educational, entertaining, or inspiring. Educational content is extremely needed as a good meaty piece will keep people from having to do additional research. Often it will get shared and bookmarked for reference later.   Entertaining content brings some levity to our…

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4 Tips to Creating Viral Content for Your Business

viral content

Maybe you’ve heard the old saying, in order to win the lottery you first have to play. That’s about the extent to any advice someone can give you on how to win. Yes, there are superstitions out there and number theories, but in the end, the only way to guarantee you could win the lottery is by playing.   The same can be…

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10 Social Media Actions to Stop Immediately

Social media is about building relationships and allowing your customers, and potential customers, to get to know you better as you get to know them (and their preferences) better as well. But if you’re doing these 10 things, chances are you’re not only chipping away at any relationship-building potential but you’re also hurting your own efficiency.   Spreading Yourself…

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5 Fun Fall Themes for Your Business

Fall is a favorite among many people. The temps are enjoyable, weather is crisp and clear, and the autumn decor is so cozy. That popularity is what makes this season such a hit with marketers and it can be for your business too. Here are five fall themes you can incorporate into your business for…

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5 Selfies You Need to Take for Your Business

© Can Stock Photo Inc. / philipimage  Selfies are no longer the domain of duck-faced teenaged girls. (That’s not an insult. It’s a description. Google it.) They’re just as popular among adults and businesses. Selfies are a way of showing customers and potential customers a “behind the scenes” look at your business. They also are an effective…

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5 Types of Effective Storytelling for Your Business

Do you watch America’s Got Talent? Or how about American Idol? The Olympics? The MLB All-star Game? These competitions all have something in common. They tell stories. If you watch them, none of them are solid, hours upon hours of broadcasted competition. Mixed in with commercials and the performances, the producers choose to interlace storytelling…

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How to Seduce the Customer When Your Business Isn’t Sexy

As business people we sometimes envy those marketers who have ”sexy” brands to market, brands that appeal to customers on an emotional level. Brands like Harley Davidson and the Parisian Tourism Bureau seem to have it made because their product/service screams sexy. What about those of us who have decidedly less heart-thumping, albeit needed, products?  How do you get people excited about plumbing, for instance? …

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15 Ways Your Business Can Help Working Parents This Summer

Summers are usually pretty hard for working parents. From figuring out childcare to having the patience to take everyone on a vacation, parents need resources. It’s especially hard after this past year with so many of them (working moms especially) having to act as teachers too. Summer is no picnic either. A 2019 study conducted…

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Move Your Business Story Off of the About Page

tell your business story

Most businesses understand the importance of an effective About Us page on their website. Customers want to do business with people they know, like, and trust, and telling your story is a good way to do that. The About Page has the potential to become one of the most heavily visited pages on your website. And…

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