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Take the Friction Out of Doing Business with You

Do you want more customers? Then you need to remove the friction behind doing business with you. Even if you have great customer service, support, and sales, you may have unknown friction that exists before you see the face of your customer. Luckily, you can smooth that out with content. Here are two problems you…

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19 Inexpensive Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Customers

Your marketing is finally paying off. Someone is trying your business out for the first time. Hurray! That’s not the moment when you want them to have a mediocre experience. You want to wow them. But, how? How can you not only exceed their expectations but delight them in a way they’ll be talking about you later. Here are…

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9 (More) Marketing Tips for the “New Normal”

Are you tired of the words “new normal” yet?   If you’re like most business owners, you probably are. But whether we recognize it as a new shift in how we do business or a temporary tack you take to survive the current economic storm, the point is how you do business has to change if you…

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