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Is Your Idea of Good Customer Service Holding Your Business Back?

Good customer service is not answering questions you should know the answer to. It’s also not finding out the answer if you don’t know it. Good customer service isn’t meeting someone with a hello and a smile when they walk into your store and good customer service is not giving them what they came in for,…

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Dealing with Angry Customers When You’re Short Staffed

The scene is a common one these days. Lines of people waiting to pay in a restaurant, retail establishment, or grocery store. Tempers flare. Customers yell at staff and wonder why there’s only one person checking people out. Your staff thinks, “Who needs this?” and they’re not wrong. They feel overworked and underappreciated. Customers are…

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19 Inexpensive Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Customers

Your marketing is finally paying off. Someone is trying your business out for the first time. Hurray! That’s not the moment when you want them to have a mediocre experience. You want to wow them. But, how? How can you not only exceed their expectations but delight them in a way they’ll be talking about you later. Here are…

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