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5 Components of a Standout Job Description in 2022

The past two years have brought about a lot of change in business. But many companies haven’t reevaluated their job descriptions. Every time they have a position to fill, they search a hard drive (or folder) and post it. This won’t keep you competitive in the employment arena and goodness know there are enough challenges…

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The Key to Employee Engagement is You

Would you trust the care of your most beloved loved one to someone who didn’t like you very much? If you have disengaged employees you might be doing just that.  It is impossible for a disengaged employee to provide excellent customer service. It doesn’t matter how skilled the employee is, if they think of your business as the mere source…

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Create a Culture of Diversity

Equality in Business

Do you long to do more for racial equality in your business? Then move past hiring and consider other ways your company culture may become a shining employer of choice in the Alameda community. Many business owners are currently wondering how they might get more involved in the conversations about race and creating a culture…

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