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Gen Z Is Ditching the Traditional Search Engine. Is Your Business Ready?

While AI is a boon for anyone tasked with repetitive time sucking activities, it’s a nightmare for school administrators and educators. Kids everywhere (other than New York, where it’s illegal) are using chatbots to do their homework, write school scripts and projects, etc. And because of AI’s generative language use, plagiarism trackers are ineffectual. But…

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SEO Tips for People Who Don’t Speak Geek


Understanding every aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) is not unlike trying to have a conversation about the mysteries of the universe with a 3-year-old. Sometimes what is being said makes no logical sense whatsoever and then you catch these rare glimpses of unbelievable genius that you think you’re hallucinating. But with SEO and with…

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7 Tips for Improving Your Local Search Ranking

Most businesses want to improve their search engine optimization (SEO), even if they don’t know they do. Because better SEO means more customers at less cost, and almost everyone wants more customers. But how you improve your organic reach on a global scale is very different from how you do it on a local level.   While the…

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