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10 Social Media Actions to Stop Immediately

Social media is about building relationships and allowing your customers, and potential customers, to get to know you better as you get to know them (and their preferences) better as well. But if you’re doing these 10 things, chances are you’re not only chipping away at any relationship-building potential but you’re also hurting your own efficiency.   Spreading Yourself…

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How to Find Time for Social Media

Small business owners, especially those businesses with under 10 employees, find it extremely difficult to justify the time on social media because it doesn’t lead to predictable, measurable cost savings or revenue. But it’s difficult to measure the value of a relationship and that’s what you’re building with social media. Just as you make time for…

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25 Ways to Become a “Fun” Business

transforming your business into a fun business

Do you want to appeal to a younger demographic? Want to get people talking about you? Maybe you want to attract an ultra-cool influencer or celebrity customer? If you do, rebranding and becoming a “fun” business may be just the way to get more attention and a more loyal fanbase. There are many serious reasons…

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Take on Twitter with These 4 Beginner’s Tips

Regardless of how you feel about the 45th president, Donald J. Trump taught us all a thing or two about Twitter. There are now 145 million daily users, and 330 million active monthly users of the platform. 63% of users are between 35-63, with a median age of 40. 66% of users are male. Plus,…

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