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The old saying–April Showers, Brings May Flowers can be taken literally and figuratively. Yes, good rain brings healthy growth. But only if you plant something.

It doesn’t do us any good to go around wishing for a garden or a successful business. You must plan, gather resources, plant, and nurture to achieve growth. Of course, the rain helps too!

A plant doesn’t just grow because we want it to. We have to nurture it and watch what it’s growing near. We have to make sure it gets the right nutrients for the kind of plant it is. And we have to be there to gather the fruits of our labor. If we don’t, they will just wither on the vine.

Business ownership is also planning and labor intensive. Often, you get from it what you put into it but not in a direct correlation. Anyone who has grown a garden or a business knows you don’t put in three hours of work to get three bushels of whatever you’re growing.

It can feel lopsided sometimes, like you’re putting in a lot more than you’re getting.

That’s where the Chamber can help. We can help take a look at the things you’re doing in your business and provide additional resources. We can introduce you to others who can help you attain your fruit.

Yes, April is a month of planning and planting and with any luck, we’ll reap the harvest of our efforts in the remainder of this year.